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Outward mobility from IFSTTAR

Mobility is an integral part of researchers’ careers and IFSTTAR structures have developed international academic ties of several forms. The Institute desire for international exchanges is, moreover, mentioned in the goals contract and is now one of the priorities of IFSTTAR management.

In this way IFSTTAR wishes to encourage its researchers to undertake long stays in institutes of research excellence, and the hope is to achieve genuine reciprocation between the Institute and the hosting body.

IFSTTAR is careful to clarify the terms of the partnership with the foreign institute beforehand, both as regards the practical details and the scientific substance. Particular attention is given to the output that is expected from the collaboration and the conditions of publication.

The mobility of Ifsttar researchers obviously depends on the potential scientific value, in particular the agreement of the head of the department.

As far as funding is concerned, IFSTTAR works with the host organization to identify the most appropriate terms and is able to draw on its own funds when necessary.