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Citations and reuse of content of the Ifsttar website

The content and text, including press releases, videos, images and animations which appear on or which can be accessed on the website are protected by intellectual property legislation and are the exclusive property of IFSTTAR. As such, you undertake not to copy, translate, reproduce, offer for sale, make use of and disseminate in whole or in part the content of the site which is protected under intellectual property legislation without the prior written consent of IFSTTAR.

Contents under Creative Commons licence

Licences Creative Commons

However, with a view to openness to society, some of the content of this site  may have a Creative Commons licence in order to facilitate its use. Content that has been made available under this licence is shown by the "Creative Commons" logo with a direct link to the conditions that apply to each item. If users are in any doubt, we recommend they consult IFSTTAR.