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Trajectoire, the magazine

IFSTTAR’s magazine – Trajectoire - is a half-yearly source of information about the Institute’s research, expertise and activities.

It provides an overview of the Institute’s research, teams and facilities.

Each issue contains a special feature that gives a more detailed account of scientific and technological advances which will change our daily lives...

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 Trajectoire the magazine No. 13 - June 2017

Special ITS: Towards smart mobility

  • Research strategy: Intelligent Transport Systems: a major challenge for our Institute
  • Feature: Towards smart mobility
  • Intelligent Transports: what benefits to the users?

Download the magazine no 13 [.pdf]

Trajectoire, the magazine - Ifsttar - trajectoire12-en_img

Trajectoire the magazine No. 12 - November 2016

  • News: Les Décennies de l’Ifsttar “Crowning” moment in Île-de-France
  • Feature: Ecomaterials, constructive promises
  • Focus on: Our pavements under close surveillance
  • Interview with: Corinne Gendron, new chair of IFSTTAR’s scientific council

Download the magazine No.12 [.pdf]

Trajectoire, the magazine - Ifsttar - Trajectoire_vignette_en

Trajectoire the magazine No. 11 - June 2016

  • News: Transports were one of the central themes at COP21
  • Feature: Better protection for our rail infrastructures
  • Focus on: VEDECOM and IFSTTAR on the same track
  • Interview with: Audrey Linkenheld, MP for the Nord region

Download the magazine No.11 [.pdf]

Trajectoire the magazine No. 10 - November 2015

Special COP21 release: Adapting to the effects of climate change

  • Research strategy: Environmental transition at the heart of IFSTTAR's concerns
  • Mobility and infrastructure: 5th Generation Road
  • Scientific crossroads
  • Feature: Adapting to the effects of climate change
  • City and territory: Sense-City or how to turn a Sensing City into a Sustainable City

Download the magazine No.10 [.pdf]

Trajectoire le magazine n°9 - avril 2015

  • Actualité : La Route de 5e génération
  • Dossier : S'adapter aux effets du changement climatique
  • Focus : L’évaluation non destructive
  • Rencontre : Jacques Tavernier, président du conseil d’administration Ifsttar

Télécharger le magazine [.pdf]

Trajectoire the magazine No. 8 - Special issue TRA September 2014

  • News: Results and outlook: TRA, what's next?
  • Feedback: Discover latest research advances
  • Science: Georges Giannopoulos: A front-line observer's point of view

Download the magazine No.8 [.pdf]