26th Fête de la Science 2017

IFSTTAR is taking part in this event in Lyon, Marseille and Nantes.

This national edition of the science festival will be held in several locations and will be open to all disciplines. The keyword is learning! From 7th to 15th October, young and old alike will be able to discover science in all its diversity. IFSTTAR will be participating in this event, in particular at:

Bron multimedia library (Lyon)

  • On the 6th  and 7th October : 2pm -5 pm “Fasten your safety belts: get on board safely with experts”

    • On 6th, a workshop for secondary schools
    • On the 7th, a workshop for the general public

  • On the 7th October: 10 am – 6 pm “Fasten your safety belts: get on board safely with experts”: open to the general public.
  • On the 6th and 7th October 2 pm – 5 pm: Scientific Dating: in the presence of Philippe Vezin, Deputy Director of TS2 (Transport, Safety, Health)
  • 7th October: Creative, participatory workshop “Let’s travel more safely: we care about what your children think”.

Registration required at: mediatheque(at)ville-bron.fr

  • 10 October 6 pm: Conference as part of the Bron National Scientific Encounters on “Mobility and Digital (R)evolution” by Anne Aguilera, Deputy Head of the AME Department (Planning, Mobility and the Environment)Invitation [.pdf]
  • Download the flyer [.pdf]

In Salon-de-Provence (Village des sciences)

  • 10th to 13th October: "30 years of research focused on Accident Studies and Vehicle Dynamics conducted at Salon-de-Provence". 

Visitors will have an opportunity to try out and handle road safety equipment.

In Nantes (Village de la Science)

From 13th to 15th October

Explore innovation: creating new transport and infrastructure solutions. What ground-breaking research in the field of transport infrastructure is under way in France, Europe and elsewhere in the world? IFSTTAR’s doctoral students will answer this question with workshops videos and presentations. (Friday 13th October: open to children at primary and secondary schools, and students in higher education. Saturday 14th and 15th: General Public)

  • Workshop 1: Discovering waves ...and their uses!

    • “Listen to your heart”; “Draw me a wave”; “What is a mode?”; Noise Capture; “Waves of different types”; “Sing”

  • Workshop 2: Optical fibres for civil engineering; The road of the future; What is permeability?
  • Workshop 3: Innovation for pavements