BioRePavation Opening Day

The international consortium will open its demonstrator at IFSTARR’s Nantes site on Tuesday 6 July

ERA-NET Plus Infravation and its partners worked on BioRePavation (Innovation in bio-recycling of old asphalt pavements) project. An opening day will be held on July 6th at IFSTTAR’s Nantes.

Innovative, environmentally-friendly and sustainable techniques for pavement surfacings

Built-in the transport infrastructure innovation programme, the international consortium worked on bio-sourced materials and recycling bituminous materials.

They have decided to test three techniques that aim to reduce consumption of virgin aggregate and bitumen in pavement construction and maintenance. 

For the opening-day, a full-scale demonstrator on the pavement fatigue carousel will be presented at IFSTTAR’s Nantes site.

The program includes the official opening, presentation of the innovations, workshops, visit of IFSTTAR’s facilities and cocktails.