IFSTTAR in France and DLR in Germany are combining their expertise

Creation of the Franco-German research institute ”Innomob”- Press release, June 1st, 2018.

On 1 June 2018, IFSTTAR, which is Europe’s premier research institute for urban issues, transport and civil engineering, and DLR, Germany’s leading research centre not only for aeronautics and astronautics but transport and energy too, are to sign a cooperation agreement at the French Embassy in Berlin to create the Franco-German research institute ”Innomob”. This “virtual” institute is marked out by its common multiannual programme that focusses on innovations in the areas of mobility and transport.

This agreement is born out of previous collaboration between IFSTTAR and DLR. These links have already led, among other things, to the creation in 2013 of an associate international laboratory.
Known as "Distrans", its purpose is to conduct work on both logistics and freight transport. The purpose of the new institute - Innomob - is to extend cooperation beyond the laboratory scale, and to sequentially develop a joint programme embracing broader themes and covering both technological and social dimensions.

The first stage of this programme, known as Innomob*, was constructed with support from IFSTTAR’s Planning, Mobilities and Environment Department (AME) and several institutes from DLR:
the “Institute of Transport Research” (VF), the “Institute of Transportation Systems” (TS) and the “Institute of Vehicle Concepts” (VK). This first phase was the outcome of two years of meetings between the teams.

The envisioned work is organised around the following four themes:

  • analysis of changes in the mobility of persons and goods,
  • new data or new data collection methods for mobility analysis,
  • new planning methods to foster more sustainable mobility,
  • technological innovations and new forms of mobility: exploring issues relating to use, acceptability and the optimisation of vehicle energy efficiency.

The agreement signed on 1 June 2018 lays down the form of Innomob’s programme which will be implemented through the pooling of human and financial resources and experimental facilities, in order to nurture research of excellence at the European scale that will provide solutions to major mobility challenges.

* Institutes for Transport Research (VF)

Press contact

Émilie Vidal : + 33 181 668 215 or + 33 619 712 195 – emilie.vidal(at)ifsttar.fr

Photo: From left to right: Karsten Lemmer, DLR Executive Board Member for Energy and Transport; Hélène Jacquot-Guimbal, IFSTTAR Director General; Agnès Jullien, IFSTTAR Director of European and International Affairs; Nicolas Peter, DLR Head of International Relations; Jean-Jacques Pierrat, Counsellor for Science and Technology at the French Embassy in Berlin.

Credit: DLR (CC-BY 3.0).