Séminaire Emar

"Port Selection, Contestability, Transportation Infrastructure, and Regionalization"

Évènement Université Paris Est, organisé par l'Ifsttar et le CEREMA, avec le soutien de la Fondation Sefacil.

Présentation intitulée :  "Port Selection, Contestability, Transportation Infrastructure, and Regionalization in the Context of International Containerized Freight Shipping"

par Jean-Claude Thill, Professor of Public Policy, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Chercheur invité par l'université Paris-Est.

La présentation sera suivie d’un débat animé par Patrick Niérat, Chercheur à l'Ifsttar, Ame-Splott

  • Date : le 5 octobre 2017
  • Lieu : Ifsttar, salle B15, 14-20 Boulevard Newton - Cité Descartes, Champs sur Marne
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Abstract : The contemporary world and the state of socio-economic systems are intimately linked to the ability to develop and maintain trade relationship fast and efficiently across distant world regions. Containerization of freight is a crucial transformation of the global logistics system that has become a standard in the study of world trade and its local and regional expressions. In this talk, I present several related pieces of research that have been completed to advance our understanding of the spatial organization of global and regional systems of trade flows, the relationship with quality of the land-based transportation and logistics systems, port selection processes, contestability and boundary effects, and logistical business communities. The studies have been conducted on the basis of disaggregated shipments towards the United States and have focused on several world regions, including Europe, China and India, and Latin America.