Activity reports

IFSTTAR activity reports

The Activity Report summarizes the Institute’s activities at national and international levels, and also describes its financial and human resources. It gives an overview of the scientific findings for each research area and topic.


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Rapport d'activité 2016


L'année 2016 nous a permis de faire un point d'étape important dans notre évolution : nous avons été évalué par l'Hceres, nous avons fait le bilan de notre premier Contrat d’objectifs et de performance, de notre stratégie scientifique, et nous avons négocié notre deuxième contrat avec l’État. Les départements ont continué à produire de la recherche de très bonne qualité, nous avons participé à de nombreux projets d’IDEX ou d’I-Site couronnés de succès, et… pendant ce temps, les services support ont jonglé avec la GBCP (Gestion budgétaire et comptable publique). Nous avons accru notre visibilité au niveau national et international, en confirmant la pertinence de nos sujets.

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Activity report 2015

Despite a challenging environment, Ifsttar continued its successful business in 2015. The quality and quantity of scientific productions have been confirmed. 2015 was the time for evaluations by the HCERES. The scientific recognition is there as confirmed also the successes during the calls for H2020 projects. Structured partnerships with universities and other research centers are consolidating. IFSTTAR continues to carry out its organizational and managerial actions according to its institute project. Finally, Ifsttar was involved in COP21 events to intervene or organize conferences.

Activity report 2014

This year’s report continues our policy of constant improvement and is slightly different from last year’s. While continuing to highlight our strengths and the commitment of all our staff to innovation, we have stressed our presence on the regional, national and international stage and increased coverage of the Departments that were set up in 2013.

IFSTTAR continues to prove how it shapes the research environment in which it operates both in France and abroad, as witnessed by the success of the TRA 2014 conference.

Activity report 2013


2013 was the first year we implemented our Institute’s Goals and Performance Contract and from the first reports it would seem that the targets were achieved overall. We have strengthened our organization and strengthened our gouvernance. Participation in the development Ifsttar including the Horizon 2020 program and our involvement in the organization of scientific and major technical events contribute to the reputation of the institute. We invite you to discover in these pages which made 2013 a rich and successful year. 

Activity report 2012 


2012 is a year of consolidation for IFSTTAR, as witnessed by its determination to continue along its path and pursue its shared goals and vision.

The 2012 Activity Report presents the achievements and highlights of the year.




Activity report 2011


2011, the year of creation of the Ifsttar shows an overview of a first year very rich as reflected in the annual report that we invite you to discover.

Activity report 2010


Single document combining the activities of both institutions, LCPC and INRETS, even though they were still seperate during 2010, to ensure continuity and report on a year spent preparing for this merger.