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Ifsttar policy on institutional deposit

Since 2013, Ifsttar who was a signatory of the national agreement on open archiving, promotes the deposit of scientific publications of its researchers in its institutional open repository.

This policy now includes support by the Institute of Open Access, encouraging Ifsttar researchers to deposit a freely accessible version of their publications.

The scientific directorate note of March 11, 2016 describes the terms and conditions of the deposit.



The Madis documentation portal

Madis is IFSTTAR’s documentation portal and was set up by the DMST in January 2013. It contains the catalogue of the library’s holdings and the output of the laboratories.

The output of the Institute’s researchers has been brought together, together with files that contain the full text of the publications in question. They are conserved in Madis and made available subject to the rules that apply to confidentiality, dissemination and on-lining.

The lists that describe the collections of all the IFSTTAR libraries have also been assembled in a joint catalogue that is kept up to date by the Institute’s librarians.

The missions of the DMST with regard to the public

Supporting IFSTTAR’s research activities and the dissemination of the Institute’s results and expertise by:

  • Managing and protecting IFSTTAR’s document holdings,
  • Conserving and making available the establishment’s output and work in compliance with the law and the rules of confidentiality laid down in any contracts which apply to the work in question,
  • Permit access to scientific and technical information on the topics and areas in which the Institute has an involvement and provide relevant and reliable bibliographic resources.

Practical information and opening times of the documentation departments

The documentation centres at the different sites are open to the public, on appointment only, from Monday to Friday between 9.30 am and 12.30 pm and between 2 pm and 5 pm.

Visitors can consult the Madis documentation portal that was opened by the DMST in January 2013, in order to access the Institute’s holdings.

The contact addresses for the documentation departments are as follows:

For any documentation query

For questions about  IFSTTAR publications (purchases)

 N. B. : Only inter-library loans are conducted.