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Jointly managed research structures

Jointly Managed Research Units (UMRs)

The Jointly Managed Research Units (UMRs) are probably the most developed form of academic partnership. They cover a wide range of disciplines and topics allow structures to achieve the critical size that is necessary to compete seriously at the international level, which is increasingly where excellence is established. IFSTTAR currently jointly manages seven UMRs.

  • Navier, UMR 8205,which brings together IFSTTAR, the ENPC and the CNRS (Marne-La-Vallée)
  • LVMT, UMR T 9404, which brings together IFSTTAR, the ENPC and UPEM (Marne-la-Vallée)
  • LBMC, UMR T 9406, which brings together IFSTTAR and UCBL (Bron)
  • UMRESTTE, UMR T 9045, which brings together IFSTTAR and UCBL and INvS (Bron)
  • LICIT, UMR T_E, which brings together IFSTTAR and the ENTPE (Bron)
  • ISTerre, UMR 5275, which brings together IFSTTAR, the Universities of Grenoble and Savoie, the IRD and the CNRS (Grenoble)
  • LBA, UMR T 24, which brings together IFSTTAR and the Université de la Méditerranée (Marseille)


The Labexes

The systems that have been put in place under the "Future Investments" programme, in particular, the Laboratories of Excellence which began to be set up in 2010, generate important ties for high quality research, courses leading to a professional qualification and the application of research findings. IFSTTAR is fully involved in this new system and is currently a partner in five Labexes that were set up in the first two waves of creation.

    Planning, architecture, environment and transport
    Île-de-France - Labex Futurs Urbains
    Acoustics, health, cognitive sciences...
    Rhône-Alpes - Labex Celya
  • OSUG@2020
    Climatology, hydrology, seismology...
    Rhône-Alpes - Labex Osug@2020
  • MMCD
    Materials for sustainable construction
    Île-de-France - Labex MMCD
    Physics, radiobiology, medical imaging and simulation

Research Federations (FR) and Joint Research Teams (ERC)

Research Federations (FR)

Research Federations (FR) have been created to bring together, parts of or entire research units or teams in order to coordinate their scientific activities in targeted areas and pool some or all of their resources.

IFSTTAR is involved in 6 Research Federations:

  • IFRH, Federative Institute of Disability Research (a national Research Federation)
  • F2M-msp,Greater Paris Region Mechanics Federation. Materials, structure, processes (Ile-de-France)
  • IRSTV, Urban Scientific and Technical Research Institute (Pays de Loire)
  • VOR, Vulnerability of structures undergoing a natural or technological hazard (Grenoble)
  • FCLab, Fuel Cell Laboratory (Belfort)
  • LirGeC, The Pays de Loire Institute for Civil Engineering and Construction Research (Pays de Loire)

Les Équipes de Recherche Commune

On a smaller scale, the Joint Research Teams (ERCs) provide a way of setting up high quality targeted partnerships. IFSTTAR is currently involved in the following teams:

  • NACRE, Nanotechnologies for Environmentally-Friendly Cities, with Ecole Polytechnique and the CNRS
  • CARMIN, Micro and Nano Technologies, with CEA-LETI
  • I4S, Statistical inference for the Surveillance and Safety of Structures, with INRIA

In addition, IFSTTAR plays a part in the scientific work of 11 Scientific Consortia (GIS) and 24 Research Groups (GdR).