The NF-HRB mark

The NF 393 (HRB) mark

Hydraulic Road Binders



The new voluntary certification mark NF 393 (HRB) has existed since 1st October 2006 and covers Hydraulic Road Binders, which are used in pavement courses and sub-bases.

The certifying body, AFNOR Certification, has entrusted the management of the NF HRB mark to IFSTTAR, which acts as a Technical Secretariat, since 1st January 2009.

The certification rules, which are available on the site (under the heading NF 393), explain all the stages and specifications required for a request or renewal of the NF HRB mark, as well as the different parties involved.

The following characteristics are certified:

  1. Stated composition (percentage of the main constituents),
  2. Minimum compressive strength after 56 days,
  3. Fineness (retained fraction with a 90 µm screen),
  4. Time of start of setting,
  5. Stability (expansion),
  6. Sulphate content (percentage of SO3).

Practical information is available on the AFNOR Certification website.

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