Research & ExpertiseMajor projects VeDeCoM: Vehicles and transport services

VeDeCoM: Vehicles and transport services

Zero Carbon Communicating Vehicles and their Mobility

VeDeCoM is a new institute that is currently being set up at Satory (Ile-de-France) with the backing of the Mov'eo cluster. Its aim is to stimulate innovation in the area of land transport and ecomobility. It is to receive funding of €54.1 million.

This IEEDi brings together 42 partners drawn from the motor vehicle and ecomobility sectors, decision-makers and stakeholders from the region and academic research. Its broad multidisciplinary expertise ranges from the materials and processes used for electronic components to the human factors related to driving and includes economics and spatial planning. Its governance will be organized around the Mov'eoTec partnership foundation, and involve the new sectors that are represented in the IEED.

  • Its mission is to pave the way for the radical changes that are expected to affect motor vehicles and transportation, to open up new perspectives for personal mobility based on zero carbon and renewable energy, especially for cities and their outskirts. This mission covers three principal themes- zero emission transport in urban areas; urban transport without congestion or accidents; mobility and shared energy - and three programmes - vehicle electrification; connectivity and the delegation of driving tasks; infrastructure and services. A great deal of attention will be devoted to training, with an international training centre, a knowledge dissemination centre that is focused on science and society, and an academic centre.
  • The IEED is expected to employ some 280 persons after three years and almost 340 after ten. It will be placed within an environment that includes a business incubator, research laboratories, dedicated scientific facilities and engineering schools. It is expected to be located at Versailles-Satory.
  • The anticipated outcomes are a reduction in the nation’s dependency on strategic raw materials, an increase in the attractiveness of zero carbon vehicles, new possibilities for vehicle electrification, the delegation of driving tasks and connectivity, new mobility services, very high reliability for mass production, and French standards.



i What is an IEED ?The Institutes of Excellence on Zero Carbon Energy (IEED) are multidisciplinary platforms for zero carbon energy that bring together the expertise of industry and public research in the framework of joint public-private investment and close collaboration between all the stakeholders. Their role is to enhance the environments produced by the competitiveness clusters. Source: amending Finance Bill for 2010.