Engineer / post-doctoral researcher– platform for network and middleware virtualized functions

MISE EN LIGNE : | DATE DE CLÔTURE : Indéfinie Recrutement Offre d'emploi temporaire (CDD) et stages Doctorat Niveaux Localisation Lille-Villeneuve d'Ascq

Fiche de poste

  • Job description [.pdf]
  • Department: Autonomous Train
  • Managers: Émilie Masson
  • Scientific supervision: Christophe Gransart, Lionel Seinturier
  • Localisation: Villeneuve d’Ascq
  • Start: 01-09-2017
  • Type of contract: Fixed-term contract
  • Duration: 18 months
  • Status: Engineer / Post-doctoral position
  • Annual gross salary: ~30-35 k€


The Technological Research Institute (IRT) Railenium has for ambition to be amongst the world leaders in research &
development, testing and certification in the railway sector. Railenium is at the service of the railway industry to
develop collaborative innovation and accelerate the development of new solutions. Railenium relies on the pooling of
skills and human, financial and material resources by its 28 members: Infrastructure Managers (SNCF – French
National Railways – and Eurotunnel), Railway Companies (equipment / systems manufacturers, engineering
companies and manufacturers), research bodies and universities. Its activities cover urban, conventional and highspeed
railway transport.
Through the SmartRaCon consortium, composed with the German Research Centre DLR (leader of the consortium),
the Spanish Technology Centre CEIT and the British Company NSL, Railenium is an Associate Member on Innovation
Programme (IP) 2 (Advanced Traffic Management and Control Systems) of the Joint Undertaking Shift2Rail.
SmartRaCon is the only partner coming from academia.
The activities on IP2 started on September 2016, through the X2Rail-1 project, which involves 19 partners from the
Railway sector coming from 9 countries (France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Britain, Sweden, Spain, Italy, and the
Czech Republic). The project covers various topics supported by 6 technical workpackages (WP):

  • WP3: Adaptable Communication System
  • WP4: ATO over ETCS
  • WP5: Moving Block
  • WP6: Zero On-Site Testing
  • WP7: Smart Wayside Objects
  • WP8: Cyber Security

Railenium is involved in 3 of the above WPs: WP3, WP6 and WP8.

Work context

This 18 months position is part of the X2Rail-1 project and will be held by Railenium for a work with IFSTTAR and
CRIStAL laboratory, in collaboration with the Danish Technical University (DTU) and the University of the Basque
Country (EHU). In this project, WP3 deals with the definition and the development of an adaptable communication
system for railways. Railenium’s contributions concern the definition of a demonstrator dealing with the technologies
of network virtualization functions (SDN/NFV) and the services provided by middleware layers of computing
infrastructures. More precisely, the goal is to design and implement scenarios around middleware services
(deployment, orchestration, etc.) addressing virtualized resources both at the system/middleware level and the
network level.


In the context of the WP3 of X2Rail-1 project, the selected candidate will be in charge of the followings:

Definition of the architecture of a platform mixing SDN and middleware;

  • Definition of an interface between SDN and middleware;
  • Implementation of the SDN – middleware platform with a case study;
  • Participation in various coordination meetings;
  • Possible participation to project meetings with all European partners;
  • Contribution to the achievement of deliverables and scientific publications.

Detailed missions

1. Definition of the architecture of a platform mixing a system based on software-defined network (SDN) and a
middleware layer providing deployment functionalities based on some standard solutions (Chef, Puppet, Ansible,
2. Definition of a “northbound” interface for a system of software-defined network (e.g. ONOS) enabling the interoperability
between the middleware layer
3. Implementation of the platform and the interface
4. Implementation of a use case with the platform



  • Middleware or network
  • Object-oriented programming (Java or C++)
  • Fluent in English


  • Sense of initiative
  • Autonomy / teamwork
  • Excellent relationship
  • Creativity, rigor, organization
  • Self-training capacity
  • Synthesis, reactivity
  • Availability (travel required)
  • Writing skills

The application (Resume and letter of motivation) have to be addressed by e-mail as soon as possible, to