Collaborating with IFSTTAR

Collaborative action takes many forms: jointly supervising a PhD student, employing a post-doctoral researcher, surveying the current state of knowledge on a topic, sharing the experimental results from a major facility, organising scientific meetings or seminars, proposing European or international projects…

Ifsttar’s European and International Affairs (DAEI) coordinates IFSTTAR’s participation in the international and European strategic and institutional scientific associations to which it belongs and conducts lobbying at European level via its Brussels-based office at the CLORA. 

In particular, the DAEI offers its assistance to researchers in order to enhance participation in European Union programmes, provides institutional support for contacts with European bodies, and supports initiatives that target involvement in a European or international level programme.

 The DAEI team stands ready to help you collaborate with Ifsttar in the framework of European or International actions, and will put you in touch with the laboratory or department which is the most appropriate for your project.