IFSTTAR’s aim is to be a key player in the fields of transportation and urban studies with recognition on safety issues, new forms of mobility, the environment and civil engineering materials.

                                          Dr Agnès Jullien, IFSTTAR’s Director for European and International Affairs.

In order to successfully deliver this strategy, at European and International levels, we have:

  • Fully integrated the international sphere in our modus operandi by facilitating mobility and the preparation of collaborative projects
  • For our bilateral actions, focused the activities of our research departments on close partnerships
  • Considered European projects and involvement in networks as a priority for our international activities
  • Been attentive to French economic interests in our international activities.

In Europe, work in the context of the different Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development (FPRDs) has enabled Ifsttar to build up a sizeable network of more than 600 European partners. Our areas of activity mean we are involved in innovation at a very early stage, collaborating with a large and diverse set of project partners from the public and private sectors, while at the same time exploiting our research work.




Participation to G20


In the context of G20, the creation of Gustave Eiffel University was highlighted and presented in various published documents, including the "G20 Action Agenda on Adaptation and Resilient infrastructures" :

"To address the continuous transformation of cities, the French Government decided to create a unique, pioneering university made out of six existing bodies (a research institution, a university, a school of architecture and three engineering schools): with 17.000 students and 2.300 staff, Gustave Eiffel University will gather on a quarter of the French research and Training effort on Cities and transportation.

The ambition is altogether to address societal challenges of tomorrow, to provide broad skills to the students, to offer international education programmes, to imagine and feed research and innovation covering numerous fields linked to cities."

--> The extract of the document concerning Gustave Eiffel University is available here:

--> The G20 full documents are available here: