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Useful contacts


European and International Affairs:

Dr Agnès Jullien (Director)

Dr Claude Marin-Lamellet (Deputy Director)

Dr Virginie Etienne (Project manager)


Direction Scientifique

Dr Serge Piperno (Director)

Aide au montage de projets

Erik Bessmann (Project manager)



Guide for applicants

A guide for applicants will be available soon.



Our procedure

Every year, our scientific direction identifies potential candidates within our departments, for each type of ERC grant:

  • Starting grant (StG) : ≥2 and ‹ 7 years after PhD
  • Consolidator Grant (CoG) : > 7 to ≤ 12 yeras after PhD
  • Advanced Grant (AdG) : senior researcher

→ Other candidates can also contact directly our support services as soon as possible (ideally ar least 2 years before application) in order to check for eligibility and feasibility of the project:


DS et DAEI regularly organize:

  • Session for resume preparation (European & International visibility, leadership capacities, publications, ...)
  • ERC infodays
  • External funding opportunities


ERC grants excellence criteria

Starting Grants and Consolidator Grants

  • Talented early-career scientist, ready to work independantly and showing potential to be a research leader
  • With the objective  to build or consolidate a research team
  • with a very innovative projet at the "frontiers of knowledge"


Advanced Grants

  • Established, leading researchers
  • already leading research teams
  • with an excellent track record over the 10 last years