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Our Office in Brussels

Higher visibility and more influence in Brussels.

In order to be physically represented in Brussels and gain direct access to information, in 2016 IFSTTAR appointed a permanent representative in the Belgian capital (Odile Arbeit de Chalendar)

The Research Bodies Club – CLORA - counts 32 members, including 10 public research institutes and representatives of French universities in Brussels. It facilitates the activities of French public research stakeholders in Brussels. At the same time it performs a discussion, monitoring, analysis and alerting role by means of newsletters, memos and thematic days. It also provides its members with a forum for discussion and consultation.

Regular meetings are held with important partners such as IFSTTAR’s supervising ministries, the French Permanent Representation in Brussels, the Commission and the Parliament. In 2016, a position paper on Horizon 2020 was drawn up. Other subjects under consideration are the 9th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (Horizon Europe) and the European Research Council (ERC).