Our International networks

  • TRB - Transportation Research Board

    IFSTTAR has always been heavily involved in the TRB's activities, particularly at its conference in Washington DC, held annually in January, during which researchers from the institute present their work.

    IFSTTAR is part of fifteen TRB committees, associated with 2 committees and co-chairing one working group:

    • - Standing Committee on Field Testing and Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) of transportation Structures ( AFF40)
    • - Standing committee on urban transportation Data and information systems (ABJ30)
    • - Standing committee on simulation and measurement of vehicle and Operator performance (AND30)
    • - Standing committee on traffic law enforcement (ANB40)
    • - Standing committee on Pavement rehabilitation (AFD70)
    • - Standing Committee on Women's Issues in Transportation (ABE70)
    • - Standing Committee on Motocycle and Mopeds (ANF30)
    • - Standing Committee on International Cooperation Committee (A0010)
    • - Standing Committee on Women's Issues in Transportation (ABE70)
    • - Standing committee on structural fiber reinforced polymers (AFF80)
    • - Standing committee on Visibility (AND40)
    • - Standing Committee on surface transportation weather (AH010)
    • - Standing Committee on truck size and weight (ABJ35)
    • - Standing Committee on Highway traffic monitoring (ABE60)
    • - Standing committee on Accessible Transportation and Mobility (ABE60)
    • - Standing Committee on Traffic Flow theory and characteristics (AHB45)
    • - Standing committee on Traffic Flow theory and characteristics (AHB45)
    • - Standing Committee on Accessible Transportation and Mobility (ABE60)

    Relationship between TRB and IFSTTAR have been re-enforced thanks to staff exchanges and regular meetings between TRB executive director and IFSTTAR general director and the director of European and International Affairs.

    More information on TRB web site  

  • PIARC - World Road Association

    PIARC was created in 1909 during the emergence of the automotive era. PIARC facilitates and promotes dialogue and knowledge sharing around road issues.

    The association is recognised around the world with 122 states as members. It has a consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 1970.

    IFSTTAR is involved in the governance of the World Road Association and contributes strongly to PIARC's productions mainly through technical committees. The strategic plan 2016-2019 set up 18 technical committees and 3 study groups. IFSTTAR is involved in 6 technical committees and 1 study group:

    • - Road Network Operations / Intelligent Transport Systems
    • - Haulage
    • - Road design and infrastructure for innovative transport solutions
    • - Policies and National Road Safety Programs
    • - Pavement
    • - Adaptation Strategies / Resilience

    More information on the PIARC web site

  • RILEM - International Meeting of Laboratories and Experts on Materials, Construction Systems and Structures

    The International Meeting of Laboratories and Experts on Materials, Construction Systems and Structures (RILEM) was founded in France in 1947. The mission of RILEM is to advance scientific knowledge related to construction materials, systems and structures and to encourage transfer and application of this knowledge world-wide. RILEM is present in 70 countries.

    IFSTTAR, through MAST department, taking into account the scientific and technical field covered, is particularly in line with the objectives of RILEM and its methodology based on rigor, scientific excellence and openness.

    IFSTTAR is deeply involved in RILEM with 40 individual members’ incl. 26 in technical committees. Individual members of IFSTTAR are present in 22 committees, with the largest participation in TC 237 (Testing and Characterization of Sustainable Innovative Bituminous Materials and Systems) and 241 (Mechanisms of Cracking and Debonding in Asphalt and Composite Pavements).

    More information RILEM web site