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Paperless invoicing

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As part of the modernisation of public services and in order to shorten the time it takes to process invoices, the State is committed to digitising its invoice processing. For this purpose, a free and secure IT solution, Chorus Pro, is available to you in order to send your invoices in digital form to the following address:

Chorus Pro will save you time when sending, processing and tracking your invoices. It also eliminates mailing and paper storage costs, and allows you to monitor the processing of your invoices online.

The digital invoices you send to IFSTTAR must state the following:

  • The SIRET number of IFSTTAR’s head office : 13001342800011
  • The code of the department that issued the purchase order
  • The commitment number

You will find the service code and commitment number on the order form.


For your invoices that relate to a contract without purchase orders, the contract reference must be stated instead of the commitment number. The service code will appear on the contract. Otherwise, you can obtain it by writing to:

For more information, you can visit the Chorus Pro Community website, which is dedicated to the preparation of electronic invoicing at the following address:

Download the document on paperless invoicing at IFSTTAR [.pdf]