Departments and laboratories

Departments and laboratories


5 departments structured in 39 research laboratories

The department MAST
Materials and structures Department

MAST Laboratories 

  • LAMES - LAboratory for Modelling, Experimentation and Survey of transport infrastructures
  • CPDM - Division for Material Physicochemistry
  • EMMS - Modelling and testing of building material and structures
  • EMGCU - Urban and Civil Engineering Testing and Modeling Laboratory
  • FM2D - Mix-design, Microstructure, Modelling and Durability of Building Materials Laboratory
  • GPEM - Aggregates & Materials Processing Laboratory
  • MIT - Advanced Materials for Transportation Infrastructure Laboratory
  • NAVIER - Joint research unit between the Ecole des Ponts-ParisTech, IFSTTAR and CNRS (UMR 8205)
  • SMC - Metallic Structures and Cables Laboratory


The department GERS
Geotechnical engineering, Environment, Natural hazards and Earth sciences Department 

GERS Laboratories 


  • EE - Water and Environment Laboratory
  • DeoEND - Assessment and Imaging Laboratory
  • GMG - Geomaterials and Geotechnical Modeling
  • ISTerre - Institute of Earth Sciences
  • NAVIER - Ecole des Ponts-ParisTech, Ifsttar and CNRS
  • SRO - Soils, Rocks and Geotechnical Structures Laboratory
  • SV - Earthquakes and Vibrations
  • RRO - Rockfall hazards and design of geotechnical structures



The department COSYS
Components and systems Department

 COSYS Laboratories 


  • ESTAS - Evaluation of Automated Transport Systems and their Safety Laboratory
  • ERENA - Emerging Research Team New Uses and Practices of Mobility in New Aquitaine
  • GRÉTTIA - Engineering of Surface Transportation networks and Advanced Computing Laboratory
  • LEOST - Laboratory on Electronics, Waves and Signal Processing for Transport
  • LEPSIS - Laboratory for road Operations, Perception, Simulators and Simulations
  • LICIT - Transport and Traffic Engineering LaboratorY
  • LISIS - Laboratory on Instrumentation, Scientific Informatics and Simulation
  • LIVIC - Laboratory for Vehicle Infrastructure Driver Interactions
  • LTN - Laboratory of New Technologies
  • MACSI - Materials Assemblies Composites for Intelligent Structures Laboratory
  • SII - Structures and Instrumentation Laboratory



The department TS2
Transport, health, safety Department

 TS2 Laboratories 


  • LBA - Laboratory of Biomechanics and Application
  • LBMC - Biomechanics and Impact Mechanics Laboratory
  • LESCOT - Laboratory Ergonomics and Cognitive Sciences applied to Transport
  • LMA - Laboratory of Accident Mechanism Analysis
  • UMRESTTE - Epidemiological Research and Surveillance Unit in Transport, Occupation and Environment 


The department Ame
Planning, Mobilities and Environment Department

 AME Laboratories 


  • DEST - Economic and Social Dynamics of Transport Laboratory
  • EASE - Environment, Planning, Safety and Eco-design Laboratory
  • ECO7 - Economy and management of energy systems for transport
  • GEOLOC - Geopositioning Laboratory
  • LPC - Mobility and Behavior Psychology Laborator
  • LVMT - City, Mobility and Transport Laboratory
  • SPLOTT - Production Systems, Logistics, Transport Organization and Work
  • UMRAE - Joint Research Unit in Environmental Acoustics