Sense-City Inauguration

The equipment of excellence for the I-SITE Future of Paris-Est will be inaugurated on April 3, 2018. Presentation of this experimental equipment by Philippe Tchamitchian, president of the Comue University Paris-Est (UPE).

“At the heart of Université Paris-Est, in the Cité Descartes, the Sense-City mini-city provides an exceptional 800 square metre experimental area devoted to scientific research on urban innovations. This demonstrator is equipped a vast number of sensors that make it possible to conduct measurements over a period of several days or months, under controlled climatic conditions (temperature, relative humidity, etc.) which may be extreme or moderate. Sense-City can be used to study, for example, the energy performance of new materials or buildings, the management of flows and waste, the effects of pollution in the air both inside and outside buildings, in water and in soils, or the instrumentation of the city. The facility therefore helps improve the design and operation of the micro-and nano-sensors which are destined to become an increasing part of tomorrow’s urban spaces in order, ultimately, to provide residents with new services.

These features mean that Sense-City is the perfect complement to the other experimental facilities on the Université Paris-Est Descartes campus. Its role is naturally linked to that of the white rooms at ESIEE Paris, which are dedicated to sensor design ─ Sense-City is used to test the developed sensors in a controlled environment. The facility is open to our partner firms and local authorities and corresponds to the focus of their R&D work and the data acquisition and capture issues they face.

The current goal of our consortium is to ensure that passing through Sense-City becomes a stage in the trialling of larger scale data acquisition devices because in the near future experimental sensors will be installed in residential buildings and networks carrying a variety of human activities and traffic flows (pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, etc.).

In the medium term, the idea is for Sense-City to become a benchmark industrial demonstrator for the sustainable smart and the new usages that are available to all the stakeholders”.

Sense-City is a complement to the other research facilities on our campus

 Philippe Tchamitchian, Chair of the Université Paris-Est (UPE) community

Sense-City is a facility of excellence that is part of the National research Agency (ANR) Future Investments Programme, with a budget of €9 million for 2011-2019. Sense-City also receives support from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (CPER 2014-2020). To begin with, the programme was managed by Université Paris-Est, but it is now run by a consortium of several partners: IFSTTAR, ESIEE-CCIP, LPICM (UMR 7647 Ecole Polytechnique-CNRS), CSTB, INRIA and UPEM.