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Scientific strategy

IFSTTAR’s 10-year scientific strategy

IFSTTAR’s scientific strategy presents the Institute’s 4 major research challenges.

The review of the Institute’s scientific approach must prepare the Institute to consolidate its positions with regard to its areas of excellence, foresee developments and take up a position on new issues.

The new issues in question include the need for sustainable development and responses to climate change and population ageing, which are areas where we must develop research approaches that are more systemic and multidisciplinary and that give a central role to complexity.

After in-depth thought and consultation, both within the Institute and with the outside world, in June 2012 IFSTTAR’S management bodies approved the Institute’s ten-year scientific strategy.

This strategy is the road map for the Institute’s research in the next 10 years. It will, of course, be modified as time goes on, as new issues come to the fore and as the scientific environment evolves.

A more detailed account of IFSTTAR’s scientific strategy for the next ten years

This document sets out a more detailed version of the “scientific strategy for the next ten years” that was drawn up in 2012. Based on the “research issues” derived from the four initial challenges identified in the scientific strategy, IFSTTAR has identified those within which it considers that it will be able to establish a presence and maintain a significant impact in terms of publications, outreach, expert appraisals and public policy support. This selection was made subsequent to the prioritisation of scientific topics that the Institute conducted from 2014 to 2016. It was validated by IFSTTAR’s Scientific Council on 23 November 2016.