Research data

IFSTTAR's research data

In a targeted research institute such as IFSTTAR, data, including source code, play an essential role in the scientific process. Researchers have access to data or collect it themselves, and then analyse and process it to produce their research results.

A wide range of data is collected at IFSTTAR on mobility and road safety, infrastructure, planning and the environment. These data sets may include:

  • Sensor data
  • Reference data
  • Observation data
  • Survey results  
  • Images

IFSTTAR's data management policy

 A research data management policy has been developed to help IFSTTAR researchers answer the practical and legal questions raised by research data management at the different phases of a project. It also offers tools, which are in some cases unique to the Institute, to support researchers at all the key stages of management (data collection, storage, preservation and access provision), including data management plan models (DMP) and a data paper model.

IFSTTAR’s data portal

 IFSTTAR's open research data is available from the institute’s data warehouse: