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IFSTTAR collections

When Ifsttar was created, each of the editorial policies put in place by INRETS and LCPC were maintained until the institution adopted its own editorial strategy. The identification of a target readership and opportunities related to digital publishing and open access guided Ifsttar's thinking in terms of editions, which took shape in 2015 with the creation of 5 collections:


  • the techniques and methods collection
  • the scientific books collection
  • the interactive notebook collection
  • the interactive proceedings collection
  • the open access books collection

Books published in techniques and methods collection and the scientific books publication are systematically available in paper, pdf and epub formats.

Policy for the diffusion of books published by Ifsttar

Open access to scientific information is nowadays a key element to favour knowledge exchanges and to contribute to innovation and to socio-economical development. For the research results to be widely disseminate, read and used to build new researches, Ifsttar started the digitalisation of the collections of the published documents. In addition to the books for sale, some references are already downloadable for free. Ifsttar chose to use the CC BY-NC-ND licence to share the documents.

Ifsttar Bookshop

Find the collections of documents published by Ifsttar, and formerly by LCPC and INRETS in the Ifsttar Bookshop.