Adapting to the effects of climate change

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Repeated droughts cause cracking in lightweight structures, more frequent floods paralyse road traffic, submerge residential areas and weaken bridge foundations, etc.

All these are possible effects of climate change which are targeted by IFSTTAR’s teams.

We are beginning to identify the many signs of climate change. They go far beyond a rise in temperatures.
In our latitudes we think that climate change will lead to more intense and more frequent periods of drought and flooding, with potentially dramatic consequences. It is therefore of fundamental importance to put in place the adaptations which are necessary to mitigate these impacts. While Paris is due to host the international climate conference (COP21) in July 2015, IFSTTAR’s researchers are already exploring a number of approaches to cope with the problem. We shall focus on some of these, in spheres as varied as bridges, roads and the residential environment.