How can concrete be recycled ?

Multimedia September 2016 VideoInnovationMaterials and structures

Presented by Jean-Michel Torrenti, Assistant Director of Research and Development - MAST Department



The activities of IFSTTAR’s Materials and Structures Department are focused on the durability and recycling of materials. In the framework of the national RECYBETON project (which is the French acronym for Complete Recycling of Concrete), IFSTTAR is working on concrete recycling techniques that make it possible to manufacture new concrete.

The quasi-natural processing of aggregate obtained from deconstruction by carbonation makes it possible to improve the characteristics of the material and also store CO2. This natural phenomenon is slow, and new techniques are being sought to treat large amounts of material more quickly.

This video explains the principle of accelerated decarbonation which makes it possible to re-use deconstructed materials while mitigating environmental impacts. (video in French)



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