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Portal of the edition department

Ifsttar bookshop gives access to several catalogues from the various Ifsttar book collections : proceedings, studies and research, technical guides... Most of these books are published in French.

In addition to the books for sale, Ifsttar decided to open widely its collection of documents. On the 1300 existing books, more than 500 published before 2010 are already downloadable for free.

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Ifsttar Portal for Scientific and Technical Information

Madis allows you to search into Ifsttar scientific productions and collections from its libraries.

This Open archive was interfaced with HAL, the Ifsttar laboratories and jointly managed research units productions are accessible with full text open access when authorized.

Ifsttar libraries’ collections are specialized in transport and traffic engineering, geotechnics, civil engineering, urban engineering and environment.

Ifsttar libraries practice only inter-library loan.

Several search modes are proposed:

    • Quick search all the bases
    • Advanced search on the whole collection of documents
    • targeted to Ifsttar laboratories productions

    Contact the DMST – the Scientific and Technical Multimedia Documentation Department



      Photographs and audiovisual collections

      Ifsttar provides free online part of his photographs and audiovisual collections.

      It gathers new images and archives from the Fund Image Scientific Heritage (FIPS). Pictolab collects and disseminates scientific and technical images produced by the agents of the Institute as part of their professional activities, but also those of their partners.

      We thank outside photographers and agencies for giving us their kind permission to share their photos and videos.

      Contact the Pôle Image - audiovisual department