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IFSTTAR’s series of publications

When IFSTTAR was set up, the editorial policies of both INRETS and the LCPC were continued until the new Institute developed its own editorial strategy. 


IFSTTAR’s thinking with regard to digital publishing was guided by its identification of the target readership and the opportunities provided by digital publishing and Open Access. Its deliberations resulted in the decision in 2015 to create 4 collections of publications.

INRETS and LCPC Publications

These series of publications are the heritage of INRETS and the LCPC, the two entities that were merged on 1st January 2011 to create IFSTTAR.

IFSTTAR’s dissemination policy

In order for its research findings to be more widely disseminated, read and used to stimulate new research, IFSTTAR has undertaken the task of digitizing all the documents in its series of publications. Out of a total of 1250 publications, 400 are available for purchase and 570 are available on Open Access, under a CC By-NC-ND Licence. Ultimately, all the documents published more than 5 years ago will be available for free downloading, in compliance with the policy for the dissemination of the documents published in IFSTTAR’s series of publications.


L'IFSTTAR is involved in the publication of two journals which have reference status in their field :

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