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Carry through your projects with IFSTTAR

IFSTTAR can assist your innovation activities via:

  •  Industrial chairs: IFSTTAR’s researchers and engineers develop medium- and long-term research programmes that aim to enhance scientific knowledge. The areas involved are ones in which partners can play a role. They have the possibility of supporting programmes by providing funding as part of individual or collective sponsorship.
  • Contract research: to carry out a research project in a framework that has been laid down by one or more partners. A lump sum is allocated for completion of this work, which will take the form of a deliverable whose content is agreed by negotiation between the partners. Importantly, 200% of the cost of the services provided by IFSTTAR is eligible for a research tax credit (Crédit d’Impôt Recherche).
  • High added value expert appraisals: IFSTTAR allows clients to benefit from its know-how, measurement and test equipment and databases.
  • Access to IFSTTAR’s testing facilities: the Institute’s testing facilities can be hired with or without support from IFSTTAR staff. The collaboration in question is the subject of an ad hoc agreement.
  • Multi-partner research projects: IFSTTAR brings together and assists economic partners who wish to take part in research projects that receive European or and/or national subsidies. It should be noted that IFSTTAR has resources that enable it to assist in project set-up.
  • Jointly supervised PhDs, particularly in the framework of CIFRE
  • Joint development contracts: IFSTTAR enters into contracts with partners who market tools, products and services. It provides these partners with long-term access to its expertise at an early stage of the development process, enabling them to offer their clients new functionalities, appraisal capabilities, etc. which the partner incorporates in manufactured products and offers its clients.

IFSTTAR also manages the processes and systems that create added value that is associated with innovation:

  • Licensing
  • Transfer

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