In order to protect its knowledge and ensure its security when it is exploited during research contracts, IFSTTAR helps those of its researchers who are interested to file effective patents. Promoting a patent culture in this way will allow IFSTTAR to continue to develop its patent filing activities. In parallel, the Institute is actively involved in optimizing the maintenance costs and maximizing the exploitation of its portfolio of patents.

IFSTTAR’s policy of filing patents means that it now possesses a portfolio of some 80 currently valid patents, many of which are also protected in other countries.

IFSTTAR files about 6 new patents every year.

A third of its patents are licenced out to private firms, who build, sell and maintain the equipment applying principles which are protected by IFSTTAR. Some of the devices in question are shown on our “Devices” page.

IFSTTAR also owns a dozen or so trademarks, one example being “mlpc” (Matériels des Laboratoires des Ponts et Chaussées).


Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in one of our patents, or you want to collaborate with us.