IFSTTAR’s researchers collect large volumes of data and engage in a large amount of numerical simulation and modelling work. These activities have led to the development of databases and software (applications, plug-ins for existing software and analysis scripts, etc.) that can be used in the framework of specific or novel case studies. For this, developments in the areas of database management, data or signal processing and other related fields are also required.

Scientific computing provides vital support for many teams and has an important place in the Institute.

This work has led to the development of a number of software packages that are now available outside the Institute. IFSTTAR is pursuing three complementary strategies to exploit this software:

    • a “commercial” strategy based on license sales,
    • a “freeware” strategy
    • a “free software strategy” that aims to bring together the scientific community around the software modules developed by the Institute.

      In the cases of all these strategies, the software can be seen as a tool that make it possible to handle high level concepts and the expertise of the researchers who developed it extends beyond the lines of code: In the areas of activity covered by its software, IFSTTAR is also able to make the expertise of its staff available outside the Institute.