IFSTTAR is a member of two alliances.

ANCRE- National Alliance for Coordinating Energy Research

Ancre was set up on 17 July 2009 on the initiative of the minister with responsibility for the Environment and Energy and the minister of Higher Education and Research.



  • To coordinate and improve the effectiveness of the energy-focused research conducted by French public bodies.
  • To help to implement the French R&D strategy for this sector.

IFSTTAR is an associate member

IFFSTAR participates in two topic groups:

  • GP6 Transport
  • GP7 Buildings

More information on ANCRE website

AllEnvi - National Research Alliance for the Environment



  • Strengthening synergies between the players involved in research in the environmental sciences

  • Two primary missions:
    • programme-related environmental research: fixing the research priorities to be proposed to funding agencies and the government
    • national coordination: enhancing cooperation between research and higher education institutes and economic players in the fields of “food, water, climate and areas”.

IFSTTAR is a founder member


IFSTTAR participates in the following Thematic Groups:

  • GT 1 Agroecology and the Soil: Béatrice Béchet (Soil sub-group)
  • GT 5 Climate – change, adaptation, mitigation, impact: Jean-Pierre Magnan, Claire Sallenave
  • GT 6 Water: Eric Gaume
  • GT 9 Environmental hazards due to natural causes and ecotoxicity: Michel Legret, Pierre-Yves Bard
  • GT 11 Cities and Mobility: Gérard Hégron co-leader, Dominique Mignot
  • GT 12 Environmental evaluation: Agnès Julien, Claire Sallenave

Infrastructure de recherche

Research infrastructure

SOERE URBIS (System for observation and experimentation in urban environments) URBIS brings together three French observation centres, OTHU (Lyon), OPUR (Paris) and ONEVU (Nantes, IRSTV) and sets out to:

  • optimize the observation network and make it durable;
  • monitor the quality of the scheduling of research;
  • ensure the scientific topics dealt with are coherent and coherently distributed between the observation centres;
  • set up an information system that makes it possible to share data and exploit the project’s advances and achievements.

Manager: Claude Joannis (IFSTTAR)

Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe

L’IFSTTAR represents AllEnvi within the JPI - Urban Europe that was set up in 2010 and brings together 14 countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Turkey.


French participation takes the following form:

  • Governing Board:
    • Hélène Jacquot-Guimbal, AllEnvi/Ifsttar (H. Van Damme, G. Hégron DS)
  • Managing Board:
    • Thibault Prévost, MEEDTL/DRI
    • Catherine Daumas, Ifsttar/DAEI
    • Gérard Hégron, Ifsttar/DS
  • Scientific Advisory Board:
    • Olivier Coutard CNRS
  • Megatrends workshops:
    • Gérard Hégron, Ifsttar/DS
    • Valérie Weber, ADEME
  • Coordination de la création de l’alliance UERA – Urban Europe Research Alliance:
    • G. Hégron et C. Daumas, Ifsttar

A French mirror group was set up in 2011 in order to discuss and coordinate French participation in JPI-UE:

  • AllEnvi: Ifsttar (G. Hégron, C. Daumas), CNRS (O. Coutard)
  • Agencies: ANR (P. Bain), ADEME (A. de Bohan,V. Weber)
  • Ministeries: MEDDTL/DRI (T. Prevost), MESR (M. Moroni, L. Michelet)

More information on AllEnvi website