Bron / Rhône-Alpes regional partnerships

Towards sustainable cities

The intense involvement IFSTTAR's teams in Bron and Grenoble in the Future Investments Programme was crowned with many successes in 2011.

Among them, OSUG@2020 (Grenoble Observatory for Sciences of the Universe) , PRIMES (Physics Radiology, Medical Imaging and Simulation), the IVTV Equipex (Engineering and Ageing of Living Tissues), ResifCore (Seismological and Geodesic Network) and the CeLyA Labex (Lyon Acoustics Centre). It should be remembered that with its 150 employees, including 61 researchers, CeLyA is one of the largest centres for acoustic research in Europe.

In addition, LICIT has been contacted to provide the IMU Labex (Intelligences des Mondes Urbains) with additional expertise in the field of transport.

A strong partnership with the LUTB competitiveness cluster

The ambitious project to create a shared platform of test facilities for public transport known as TRANSPOLIS, in which IFSTTAR is an active participant through the LUTB competitiveness cluster, has been pursued. A joint subsidiary has been created with LUTB's industrial partners (Renault Trucks, Colas, Aixam, Vibratec, Eve system and Adetel group). The role of this subsidiary will be to handle part of the project's investments (the rest of the investments being managed by IFSTTAR) and to manage the whole project.

In order to increase the profile and effectiveness of transport research in the Rhône-Alpes region, IFSTTAR's Bron teams have embarked on a number of sometimes highly innovative initiatives, including the so-called Think Tanks and LUTB. We should also mention their participation in the CMRT (Centre Mutualisé Recherche Transport) and the PST Rhône-Alpes. All these activities help to increase partnerships, either between academic research laboratories in the field of transport in Lyon, or between the MEDDTL's departments and public institutions for research and expertise purposes.


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