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Nantes-Bouguenais / Pays-De-La-Loire regional partnerships

The partnership dynamic is intensifying under the impetus of the Future Investments Programme

The preparation of proposals for Future Investment Projects has considerably intensified the partnerships between academia (PRES, Universities, Schools), other public establishments (CEA, CNRS, CSTB, IFREMER), and industrial players (ALSTOM, EADS, DCNS, STX). Two of these projects, in which IFSTTAR was involved, the Jules Verne IRT in Pays-de-la-Loire and the France Energies Marines IEED in Brittany, will have a positive and concrete outcome in 2012. On the other hand, even if the IC West IDEX Institute of Excellence project, led by the University of Nantes-Angers-Le Mans PRES (UNAM) and the European University of Brittany PRES (UBE) was not selected by the General Commission for Investments, it will have stimulated a new process of inter-regional rapprochement between the universities in Brittany and UNAM, which all the players are committed to pursuing.

A unifying centre for research in the regions

IFSTTAR's desire to develop partnerships with academia in Pays-de-la-Loire takes various forms, which the Institute has confirmed and intensified in 2011. IFSTTAR has thus actively participated in the various regional research coordination bodies (CCRRDT, regional research observatory, etc.) and continued to be an active member of IRSTV (Urban Scientific and Technical Research Institute), which it manages. Its investment in initial and doctoral training, in conjunction with the UNAM PRES, is continuing (steering bodies of the SPIGA and STIM doctoral schools, Europe Department and International Department).

Several initiatives give concrete expression to the unifying stance adopted by IFSTTAR's Nantes-Bouguenais centre, not only in the Pays-de-la-Loire, but also in all the regions of the western France.

This is reflected in particular in its active participation in finalizing the creation of the GISLiRGeC project (Loire Institute for Research in Civil Engineering and Construction), in partnership with the University of Nantes, the École Centrale de Nantes and the CSTB, support for the transformation of the PGCE competitiveness cluster into a sustainable construction resource centre in the Pays-de-la-Loire, its contribution to the "Environmental Monitoring and Surveillance Network" (R2SE) research project led by the Nantes Atlantique OSU and the Rennes OSU, as well as managing the scientific committee of the ITS GIS in Brittany.

Finally, 2011 was marked by the signing in July of a partnership agreement with the IMN (Nantes Materials Institute) on the development of soil treatment techniques, the control of the mobilisation and transfer of pollutants in soils and porous media, and the design of innovative civil engineering and construction materials.

In addition, partnerships involving industrial and academic stakeholders are on the increase, such as those focused on finding alternative energy solutions to fossil fuels: the Fondeol2 project (with STX) for the foundations of offshore wind turbines and the Algoroute project (with the University of Nantes) for the production of road binders from cultured algae. In the field of measurement, IFSTTAR is an active member of two regional innovation platforms (PRI), ATRIUM (Regional technological support for Intelligence, Ubiquity and Mobility) and PRECEND (non-destructive testing).

Extending our regional outreach

In addition to contributing to the various coordination structures and participating in collaborative research projects, IFSTTAR's regional organization of national and international technical or scientific events enhances the profile and influence of the areas where the Institute is located.

Thus, the traditional national Technical Road Days (JTR), which have been held in Nantes at the beginning of February each year for more than twenty years, took place alongside several events in 2012, the preparation of which has mobilized many local players.

These events included the 2012 edition of the JTR, the 2012 International Acoustics Congress, and two international seminars, LCA 2012 (Life Cycle Assessment and Construction) and IWAGPR (International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar).

Lastly, in addition to regional partnerships in the field of research and university training, IFSTTAR is committed to promoting the creation of professional networks between communication officers, regional secretariats and the administrative and financial departments of the various organizations or institutions.