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Future investments projects PIA

With 17 selected projects¹, IFSTTAR has a strong presence in the Future Investments Projects (PIA). The Institute is also involved in 5 Laboratories of Excellence (Labex), 4 Facilities of Excellence (Equipex), 2 Technological Research Institutes (IRT), 4 Institutes of Excellence on Zero Carbon Energy (IEED), 2 Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies (SATT) and 1 Initiative of Excellence (IDEX).

¹Out of those presented in 2011 and accepted in 2011 and early 2012.

EQUIPEX – Facilities of Excellence

    Nanosensors for cities and the environment
    Île-de-France – Project website
  • IVTV
    Engineering and ageing of living tissues
    Rhône-Alpes - Project website
    French seismological and geodesic network
    Rhône-Alpes - Project website

LABEX - Laboratories of Excellence

      Planning, architecture, environment and transport
      Île-de-France - Labex Futurs Urbains
    • CELYA
      Acoustics, health, cognitive sciences...
      Rhône-Alpes - Labex Celya
    • OSUG@2020
      Climatology, hydrology, seismology...
      Rhône-Alpes - Labex Osug@2020
    • MMCD
      Materials for sustainable construction
      Île-de-France - Labex MMCD
    • PRIMES
      Physics, radiobiology, medical imaging and simulation
      Rhône-Alpes - Labex PRIMES

      IRT – Technological Research Institutes

        • RAILENIUM
          Railway infrastructure and its interfaces
          Nord-Pas-de-Calais - Railenium website
        • JULES VERNES
          Composite and metallic materials and hybrid structures
          Pays-de-la-Loire - Jules Vernes website

          IDEX – Initiatives of Excellence

          SATT – Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies

          IEED Institutes of Excellence on Zero Carbon Energy

          The EFFICACITY Institute

          Sustainable Cities Île-de-France - Descartes Cluster website