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PRES Research / Academic Clusters

The Research and Academic Clusters (PRES) were set up in 2006 under the Framework Law for Programmes and Research. Their rise is very much associated with the increasing independence of the universities which are gaining control over their partnership policies, both with public sector research and economic players.

The policy in question sets out to create high profile, rationally organized, regional clusters that harness synergies between universities, engineering schools and research institutions focused on major projects which tie in with the regional economy (Cyterman 2007).PRES Research / Academic Clusters

As IFSTTAR is itself structured around a limited number of clearly defined regional centres (Ile-de-France, Lyon, Nantes, Lille, Aix-Marseille), partnerships with the PRES constitute a major strategic orientation. They provide a long-term way for the Institute to achieve a more coherent scientific policy and use its resources more rationally. As a result, IFSTTAR is involved in all the PRES where it has a major site.


In addition to these major partnerships, we should also mention our historical ties with the universities and PRES that are located near our secondary sites:

One of the key aspects of these partnerships is undoubtedly research training, which nowadays IFSTTAR frequently delegates to the doctoral schools in the PRES.

The regional organization around the PRES provides IFSTTAR with an opportunity and a suitable framework for the deployment of its national policy. In particular, it encourages the creation of joint research structures with university laboratories and other research organizations.