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Evaluation of research structures

Ifsttar is made up of 5 research departments which gather their own research units and joint research units.
The institute counts among the supervising bodies of its 9 joint research units (UMR).
All of these research structures are evaluated every 5 years by the the French “Haut Conseil de l’Evaluation de la Recherche et de l’Enseignement Supérieur” (HCERES), in English the “High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education”.
According to the procedure set up by the HCERES, the research activity is evaluated with regards to 3 criterias assessing:

  • Scientific production and quality, within
    • Academic reputation and appeal,
    • Interactions with the social, economic and cultural environment,
    • Involvement in training through research
  • Organization and life of the research structure
  • Strategy and research perspectives for the next five years.

The objective of the evaluation of research structures is to prove, via a collective peer evaluation, the quality of their scientific production and of their positioning in the national and international scientific community and how their research project is relevant to their missions.

The evaluation process

The evaluation is in two stages:

  • a self-evaluation phase leading to produce a self-evaluation report covering the last five years;
  • an external evaluation based on an expert committee visiting the research structure.

For the research structures, the evaluation is a good time to draw up a critical check-up of their activities over the last years and to propose a well-argued scientific project for the coming years.

Through the external look given by the expert committee on the research structure, the committee either confirms or not, and puts in perspective the self-evaluation issues; when appropriate, it also identifies the lines of strength and areas for improvement.

Current status

The 5 Ifsttar departments were evaluated in 2015 for the first time and in 2019.

The 9 joint research units are evaluated in a specific way within the framework of regional evaluation waves, given that higher education institutes (universities and schools) are in charge of coordinating the evaluation of their joint research units.
The evaluation reports as well as the proposals made by departments to integrate the recommendations made by the HCERES will be presented to the Ifsttar Scientific Council. A mid-term follow-up of the implementation of these recommendations by the departments will be made.
The public version of the evaluation report of each research structure is available on the HCERES website.


The 5 Ifsttar departments were evaluated

In round E (2018-2019):

The Ifsttar 9 joint research units:

In round A (2014-2015)

In round C (2016-2017)

In round E (2018-2019)

The Ifsttar and Université Paris-Descartes joint research unit project was evaluated

In round D (2017-2018)


Previous reports can be uploaded on the HCERES website.


Last update 08/07/2019