Road Products

Drop-on materials, retro reflective road studs

The procedures for the “compliance certification No. 1” system apply to drop-on materials or retroreflective road studs. 

IFSTTAR, which is a notified body (No. 1165), conducts the following at the manufacturer’s request:

    • Initial tests of product
    • Initial inspection of factory production control
    • Continuous monitoring of factory production control

      This level is defined in Regulation 305/2011 for construction products: Annex III, point 2, i, without sample testing.

      A description of the conformity compliance certification system is repeated in Annex ZA.2 of the standards NF EN 1423:1997, 1423/A1: 2003, 1463-1/A1, 1463-2 and 13212.

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