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Expertise and studies

IFSTTAR is a public body whose expertise in the areas of transport, planning and networks is recognized both in France and abroad.


  • Evaluate research and technological developments that aim to improve infrastructure and systems, vehicle and traffic technologies, planning and networks from the technical, economic and societal standpoints;
  • Conduct expert appraisals and advisory duties in these areas, particularly at the request of its supervising ministries but also for various other players from the public, parapublic or private sectors.


  • Road safety
  • Organization and evaluation of transportation systems
  • Safety and reliability of transportation systems
  • Health impacts of transportation
  • Mobility and transport of persons and goods
  • Planning and transportation
  • Environmental impacts of transportation
  • Traffic management
  • New transport technologies

IFSTTAR was appointed by a ministerial decision of 3 May 2012 to act as the certifying body for the collection and monitoring systems for the Alsatian and National taxes on freight vehicles. In this capacity, it is responsible for processing the requests for certification of the systems that are proposed by applicants, in accordance with Article 14 of the order of 8 June 2012 published in issue 0136 of the Official Journal of the French Republic on 13 June 2012.


IFSTTAR offers its partners expert assistance contracts.

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