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Replacement of the incentive mechanisms

The incentive mechanisms that were in place until 2015 aimed to foster cross-cutting ties between different IFSTTAR teams and institutes, or develop new research topics. The teams came up with proposals which were evaluated and judged. The same process will continue in 2016, but will take account of the conclusions of the evaluation of each type of tool. Although these have not changed in a marked manner, the attempt will be made to increase funding and reduce the number of projects that are selected.

From 2016 the incentive mechanisms will be as follows:

  • "Targeted Initiatives": these support an action that involves a certain risk (“Targeted Research Initiative”), assist an innovation or the development of software (“Targeted Development Initiative”), or encourage the development of a young researcher’s career (“Targeted Young Researcher Initiative”);

  •  "Structural Research Collaborations": these foster cooperation between different IFSTTAR teams and teams from other establishments (in particular CEREMA and the members of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea Scientific and Technical Network), in order to encourage collaboration and complementarity, to generate new knowledge and encourage the emergence of joint responses to calls for projects;


  • "Network Leadership": this sets out to construct visible and relevant robust in-house and external links in relation to IFSTTAR’s cross-cutting themes, in order to share knowledge and views about a given theme.

A new mechanism: unifying projects

Deployment of the unifying projects will begin in 2016. These are based on important societal expectations and are consistent with IFSTTAR’s priority themes. They will help to strengthen cross-cutting and multi-disciplinary ties as well as IFSTTAR’s profile by unifying the activities of research teams from different departments.

The “R5G – 5th Generation Road” is already emblematic. After several years of work, the R5G has taken shape, in various forms, and has been taken on board by a great many stakeholders.