Organisation and goals

Our research tasks

IFSTTAR's research is structured around four tasks that originate in the Institute's 10-year scientific strategy that was validated in 2012. These 4 tasks are deliberately cross-cutting and illustrate how IFSTTAR's research constitutes a response to societal challenges.

  • Task 1: Analysis and innovation for sustainable and responsible transport and mobility.
  • Task 2: Efficient and sustainable construction, deconstruction, preservation and modification of infrastructure.
  • Task 3: Taking better account of climate change, natural hazards and environmental and health impacts in man-made environments
  • Task 4: Designing and planning sustainable cities and areas: systemic and multi-scale approaches.

Three goals cut across all these 4 tasks and supplement the scientific goals. They are measured by quantitative indicators.

  • Goal 1: Produce scientific knowledge that is internationally recognised at the highest level and dynamise our research teams.
  • Goal 2: Help to construct a knowledge economy and equip ourselves with the necessary scientific expertise.
  • Goal 3: Encourage the transfer of research findings to the wider economy and society and foster social and industrial innovation.


Consult our key documents: Components of the planning and programming

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