The transfer seminar on the Coast and flooded zones organised by the leaders of Theme 3 "Planning and protecting regions" was held on 18 October 2018 at the Maison de la Bretagne in Paris.

It brought together 37 participants from various backgrounds - researchers, practitioners, ministry officials - for presentations of ongoing research projects on this theme, focusing particularly on IFSTTAR's GERS department.

The themes, which are reflected in recent news, were addressed by presentations on floods and flood forecasting, dikes, their inspection, durability, ageing, monitoring as well as facilities for better controlling urban water flows.

A special focus on the Atlantic Bretagne Marine Cluster rounded off these interventions from IFSTTAR. External speakers provided new insights into the dynamics of urbanization in relation to the ocean, the new decentralized policy for Aquatic Environment Management and Flood Prevention (GEMAPI), and floodplain schemes. A round table brought the day to a close, highlighting areas for further exploration and cooperation, particularly in connection with the future Gustave Eiffel University.