IFSTTAR commits

Societal outreach charter


IFSTTAR is tasked with providing the State with scientific and technical support to assist in decision-making. In 2016, the Institute renewed its commitment to dialogue with all civil society actors by signing the "Societal outreach charter for public research, expert appraisal and assessment of health and environmental risk ", alongside Anses, BRGM, IRSTEA, INERIS,  IRSN and Santé publique France.


By adopting this charter, the signatories commit to continuing to conduct their research, expert appraisal and/or risk evaluation actions in an open and transparent manner. They will also improve the sharing of available scientific knowledge and foster an understanding of the uncertainties that surround it. Finally, they will take better account of input from societal stakeholders in their research and/or risk appraisal activities. This commitment will help improve the quality of the work these establishments provide for public decision-makers and increase the confidence society places in decision-making processes.



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