Outreach policy

IFSTTAR's commitment to opening up research to society is implemented through a series of policies and actions that are in line with the National Plan for Open Science and the National Strategy for Scientific Technical and Industrial Information.

Policy for the accumulation and dissemination of open access scientific output

Since its creation, IFSTTAR has asserted its commitment to open access dissemination of its publications and has thereby pursued a policy that was instigated by its founding institutions.

IFSTTAR has an institutional archive, Madis, whose aim is to host, enhance and preserve the Institute's entire scientific production by disseminating it as widely as possible through its interface with the HAL national open archive and its accreditation by openAIRE.


Editorial policy in favour of digital publishing and open access

As a publisher of scientific and technical books and journals, IFSTTAR has chosen to shift its publishing business model from a commercial model to an open access model. The IFSTTAR collections, which replaced the LCPC and INRETS collections in 2015, thus give priority to digital publishing and distribution under a Creative Commons licence.

Research data management policy and support for open access

In a targeted research institute such as IFSTTAR, data, including source code, play an essential role in the scientific process.

Through its research data management policy, Ifsttar encourages and supports its researchers in disseminating their data.

This policy informs them about good practices in data planning, management and openness, and includes legal, IT and documentary considerations.

The opening process is facilitated by the provision of institutional warehouses. As this data is accessible, it can be reused by the scientific community and other stakeholders in society opening the way for new discoveries.


Development and dissemination of scientific, technical and industrial information

IFSTTAR supports its researchers in their activities in terms of knowledge sharing, dialogue with society and co-building knowledge. In order to reach different groups, giving priority to those with the least contact with science, the Institute is developing various outreach mechanisms to encourage and maintain links between science and society. Popularized or educational resources are thus designed and made available on IFSTTAR web platforms or on those that are dedicated to scientific, technical and industrial information  Popscience.fr or Echoscience.fr


Accéder à l’espace web science et société de l’Ifsttar

  • Access IFSTTAR's Science and Society Webspace


Accéder à la photothèque-vidéothèque de l’Ifsttar


IFSTTAR also has a wide range of video and multimedia products that help to showcase research on the web through the use of images and interactive narration.



IFSTTAR is co-leading two science and society forums in Bron and Ile de France in partnership with local authorities and local research and cultural players.