Consolidating IFSTTAR’s specific research approaches

Its ability to apply systemic, multidisciplinary and cross-cutting approaches in order to take account of complexity and human factors gives the Institute a unique position in the research landscape. This enables it to avoid excessively narrow and compartmentalized research goals in order to respond to issues with a major societal impact. 


IFSTTAR must therefore strengthen its organizational and management role in order to bring to bear a broader and more integrated approach towards the planning and transport related issues within its remit. 

Observing, experimenting and anticipating

Needs, behaviours, technologies, public policies, the economy, the environment and demography etc. are all constantly changing. This means IFSTTAR must anticipate and respond to changes in its scientific and societal environment. To achieve this, observation units, databases and exceptional testing facilities will remain central to the Institute’s activities. 

Understanding, modelling and evaluating 

In addition, the development of society calls for innovative approaches and new services. The solutions that are proposed must be subjected to modelling and integrated evaluation. IFSTTAR will therefore consolidate its skills and know-how in this area and develop a number of tools in the areas of numerical modelling, new technologies and evaluation.