Systems to foster multidisciplinary activities

IFSTTAR attaches great importance to enhancing the multidisciplinary nature of its research and has put in place cross-cutting activities and incentivized programmes to foster multidisciplinary activities and new research programmes.

IFSTTAR’s research is also directed at unifying projects, which are flagship projects for the Institute with a clearly displayed partnership dimension and specific resources. The form of these projects may be decided in-house, in the framework of a State Future Investment Programme or alternatively they may target the European level. In the last case, the aim is to enhance the excellence of European research institutes by making use of European networks of excellence (Humanist, Eurnex, etc.), alliances (ETRA – the European Transport Research alliance) or future Joint Research Initiatives (JRIs).

  1. IFSTTAR Targeted Initiatives
  2. IFSTTAR Network Leadership
  3. IFSTTAR Structural Research Collaborations