Ifsttar Marne-la-Vallée contact details (head office)

Ifsttar Marne-la-Vallée
14-20 Boulevard Newton
Cité Descartes, Champs sur Marne
F-77447 Marne la Vallée Cedex 2

Tel: + 33 (0)1 81 66 80 00

Deputy general secretariat: Philippe AVRIL 

Physical-chemical behaviour and durability of materials Laboratory

Director: Thierry CHAUSSADENT


Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Materials and Structures Laboratory

Director: Pierre MARCHAND

Mix-design, Microstructure, Modelling and Durability of Building Materials Laboratory

Director: Teddy FEN-CHONG

Director: Karam SAB

Soils, Rocks and Geotechnical Structures Laboratory

Director: Christophe CHEVALIER

Earthquakes and Vibrations Laboratory

Director: Jean-François SEMBLAT

Engineering of Surface Transportation networks and Advanced Computing Laboratory

Director: Jean-Patrick LEBACQUE

Laboratory for road Operations, Perception, Simulators and Simulations

Director: Didier AUBERT

Laboratory on Instrumentation, Scientific Informatics and Simulation

Director: Patrice CHATELLIER


Simulators Team

Director: Stéphane ESPIE

Economic and Social Dynamics of Transport Laboratory

Director: Francis PAPON

City, Mobility and Transport Laboratory

UMR T 9403, joint research unit involving Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, Ecole des Ponts-ParisTech and IFSTTAR

Director: Pierre ZEMBRI

Production Systems, Logistics, Transport Organization and Work Laboratory

Director: Corinne BLANQUART