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    14-20 Boulevard Newton - Champs-sur-Marne - 77447 Marne-la-Vallée Cedex 2 - Bâtiment : Bienvenüeberengere.lebental(at)ifsttar.frTel :01 81 66 81 18 Port :

    Qui contacter en cas d'absence : Patrice Chatellier

    Affectation : COSYS - affectation à compléter


    As a physicist specialized in the nanoelectronics of carbon-based nanomaterials, my research focuses on the development of reproducible and reliable nanosensors for applications to urban sustainability, with a focus on micromechanical and chemical sensing.

    My work addresses the multidisciplinary fields required to bring nano-enabled prototypes from the proof of concept (TRL 1-2-3) to the industrial market (TRL 4-5-6): device fabrication on Silicon and low cost substrates, with a focus on process reproducibility (microelectronics, wet process such as inkjet printing, material functionalization), advanced thin film and device characterizations (Raman, MEB, AFM, TEM, electrical, sensing performances…) with a focus on systematic data processing (including image analysis, statistical methods), device physical/electrical modelling (analytical, semi-analytical or finite element models, discrete models), device integration into sensor nodes (signal conditioning, integration into sensor node) and device deployment in lab test benches and realist scenarios (packaging, data gathering, high-level design of lab-scale and urban-scale testbed).