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    25, avenue François Mitterrand - Case24 - F-69675 Bron Cedex - Bâtiment : L3maud.ranchet(at)ifsttar.frTel :04 72 14 25 99 Port :00 00

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    As Neuropsychologist by education, I have strong interests in the impact of visual, motor, and cognitive impairments on instrumental activities of daily living. I earned my PhD degree in Neuropsychology at the University of Lyon 2 in France. During my position as post-doctoral fellow at Augusta University, I was co-investigator on several research projects. I collaborated in the conceptualization of the study, the design of the simulator scenarios, data assessment and pupil recording, pupil data reduction and analysis. Iam currently researcher at the French Institute of Science and Technology for transport, development and networks (IFSTTAR) in Transport, Health, and Safety Department in the Laboratory Ergonomics and Cognitive Sciences applied to Transports (LESCOT). My current research at IFSTTAR is focused on exploring associations between cognitive functions and mobility measures (driving activity and walking) using both neuropsychological and neurophysiological measures in individuals with or without pathologies.

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    Maud Ranchet; PhD

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