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Axe : 1 - COP2017 - Efficient transport and safe travel
SR PhD subject Referent Speciality
AME-DCM "Nudge" and sustainability mobility in periurban areas MARTINEZ Frédéric psychologie sociale et/ou économie comportementale
AME-EASE Reliability modeling of skid resistance - Application to the development of a dynamic risk indicator LORINO Tristan génie civil, mathématiques appliquées, statistique
AME-EASE Cyclist's model for innovative bicycle design and for cycling infrastructure assessment VANDANJON Pierre-Olivier mécatronique
AME-ECO7 Environmental impact study of Plug-in hybrid vehicle in a context of optimal sizing and use. VINOT Emmanuel Mécatronique, Energétique
AME-LVMT Barriers to Entry in the Rail Transport Markets in France and Europe: A Retrospective Analysis and Lessons for the Opening Processes to Come ZEMBRI Pierre Transports (droit, économie, géographie)
COSYS-ESTAS / COSYS-LEOST / AME-EASE Optimised management of a fleet of electric autonomous vehicles HOSTEINS Pierre / PELLEGRINI Paola / VANDANJON Pierre-Olivier Informatique, recherche opérationnelle, intelligence artificielle
COSYS-GRETTIA Online optimization of population evacuation ZARGAYOUNA Mahdi Informatique
COSYS-GRETTIA / COSYS-LICIT Multi-source data fusion for mobility analysis COME Etienne / FURNO Angelo Mathématiques appliqués - Informatique
COSYS-LEOST Identification and mitigation of GNSS interferences in a multisensor localisation system MARAIS Juliette Traitement du signal, GNSS
COSYS-LEOST Development of Advanced Signal Processing Techniques for Longitudinal and Lateral turns: Application to a Multifunctional Collision Avoidance Device for Automated Vehicles TATKEU Charles électronique, traitement du signal, dispositif anticollision FMCW
COSYS-LICIT Area-based dynamic traffic control strategies: assessing the efficiency of different economic schemes LECLERCQ Ludovic Génie Civil
COSYS-LIVIC Modelling and stochastic simulation of autonomous vehicles' capacity to reduce driving risk SAINCT Rémi Statistiques, Automatique
TS2-LBA Multi-scale modelling of the structures of the medullar canal for the simulation of fluid-structure interaction between spinal cord and cerebro-spinal fluid EVIN Morgane Biomécanique
TS2-LBA / MAST-EMGCU Strategy of probabilistic modelling for the fracture of human bone tissue ARNOUX Pierre-Jean / TAILHAN Jean-Louis Expérimentation et modélisation numérique
TS2-LBMC Contribution to the development of wooden road restraint systems. BRIZARD Denis mécanique
TS2-LBMC Modelling the postural changes in the spine for applications in biomechanics LAFON-JALBY Yoann mécanique, biomécanique
TS2-LBMC Experimental investigation and numerical simulation of the occupant / seat interaction for the ergonomic design of aircraft seats WANG Xuguang Mécanique
TS2-LESCOT Driving anxiety: Prevalence and impact on attentional skills when driving FORT Alexandra Sciences Cognitives
TS2-LMA Safety of public spaces equipped with cycling facilities : new layouts, new uses (electric bicycle, electric scooters…), new risks CLABAUX Nicolas Aménagement de l’espace, urbanisme
TS2-SIMUetMOTO Towards hybrid approaches based on emergence and learning: Consideration of autonomous vehicles in road traffic BOUBEZOUL Abderrahmane Intelligence Artificielle
TS2-UMRESTTE Epidemiology of chronic pain after a road traffic accident: the role of emotions and their regulation in the persistence of pain. LAFONT Sylviane Épidémiologie


Axe : 2 - COP2017 - More efficient and resilient infrastructure
SR PhD subject Referent Speciality
AME-EASE 5th Generation Road: exploring the possibilities of electricity production by triboelectric effect from the mechanical energy of the tire/road contact KANE Malal Mécanique, Matériaux
COSYS-LICIT Bilevel Optimization for Transport Network Resilience and Recovery EL FAOUZI Nour-Eddin mathématiques appliquées, Recherche opérationnelle, optimisation, ingénierie du trafic
GERS-GeoEND Radar full-wave form inversion for the hydric mapping of concrete structures under tap-coat DEROBERT Xavier électromagnétisme, génie civil
GERS-GeoEND Imaging of uni-axial elastic waveguides by sensitivity methods TREYSSEDE Fabien Acoustique
GERS-GMG Study on the liquefaction-induced failure of embankment subjected to earthquakes LI Zheng Ingénierie géotechnique; Mécanique
GERS-SRO Application of machine learning methods to the diagnosis of railway bridges with foundations in aquatic site CHEVALIER Christophe géotechnique
GERS-SRO Contribution to the study of the behavior and design of piles groups and piled raft foundations SZYMKIEWICZ Fabien Géotechnique
MAST-EMGCU How to connect the mechanical degradation of reinforced concrete structures to the corrosion process of the steel/concrete interface: measurements and 3D modelling ADELAIDE Lucas Matériaux et Structures
MAST-FM2D Ecodesign of a sustainable and cost-effective reinforced geopolymer over the life cycle of a structure DJERBI Assia Matériaux et structures - génie civil
MAST-FM2D / MAST-CPDM Recycling natural sponge waste into cementitious materials for sustainable construction with reduced environmental impact. OMIKRINE METALSSI Othman / MARCEAU Sandrine Matériaux et structures - génie civil
MAST-GPEM Constitutive laws for icy regoliths : from Mars to Saturn moons ARTONI Riccardo Physique; Sciences de la terre
MAST-GPEM DEM simulation of polyhedron packings subjected to monotonous and cyclic loading – Application to railway ballast settlement. DESCANTES Yannick Génie Civil
MAST-GPEM / COSYS-SII Characterization of the evapotranspiration for urban cooling environment HUCHET Florian / DUMOULIN Jean SPI
MAST-GPEM / GERS-GMG Suitability criteria for the refurbushing of excavated soils for earth building HAMARD Erwan / RAZAKAMANANTSOA Andry Génie Civil
MAST-LAMES / MAST-EMGCU Application of artificial intelligence to deflection measurements processing for the mechanical characterization of complex pavement structures SIMONIN Jean-Michel / SCHMIDT Franziska Mécanique des chaussées – résolution de problème d'identification
MAST-LAMES / MAST-MIT Extension of a viscoelastic damage model and comparison to laboratory fracture tests on asphalt concrete CHUPIN Olivier / HAMMOUM Ferhat Mécanique
MAST-MIT Chemical analysis of bituminous products incorporating recycled road: Relation between the environmental properties of solid materials and their fumes GAUDEFROY Vincent Physico-Chimie des matériaux, Chimie Analytique, Génie Civil
MAST-NAVIER Thermal efficiency and durability of building walls made of concrete modified with Phase Change Materials (PCM): experimental approach and modeling of the thermo-hygric behavior BENZARTI Karim Matériaux et Structures
MAST-NAVIER Multi-scale characterization of adjuventation effects in model material of fresh cement paste GOYON-TROHAY Julie physico-chimie des matériaux
MAST-NAVIER / COSYS-LISIS Experimental study and modelling of friction dampers PEIGNEY Michaël / SIEGERT Dominique matériaux et structures
MAST-NAVIER / MAST-NAVIER Rheology and Microstructure of unsaturated wet granular materials FALL Abdoulaye / CHATEAU Camille Physique des Matériaux
MAST-SMC Structural behaviour and rehabilitation of steel structures in train station from the 19th century: from enginering to construction history DIENG Lamine Sciences des structures et de matériaux
MAST-SMC / COSYS-SII Durability under stress of an adhesively bonded joint in marine environment CHATAIGNER Sylvain / CHAPELEAU Xavier Mécanique des structures et des matériaux
MAST-SMC / MAST-EMGCU Durability of FRP composites and concrete structures reinforced by FRP bars subjected to combined environmental ageing and mechanical loading CHATAIGNER Sylvain / QUIERTANT Marc Science pour l’Ingénieur, Physico-chimie et Mécanique des Matériaux


Axe : 3 - COP2017 - Planning and protecting regions
SR PhD subject Referent Speciality
AME-LVMT Land planning through accessibility: improving soft daily mobility BONIN Olivier géographie
AME-LVMT The urban model of Transit Oriented Development revisited by emerging mobility? An investigation into the territory of the Hauts-de-France region LHOSTIS Alain Aménagement de l'espace et urbanisme
AME-UMRAE Multivariate Pavement Acoustic Performance Model CESBRON Julien Génie Civil, Acoustique
AME-UMRAE Acoustic propagation in wooded areas. Human and ecological applications GAUVREAU Benoit Acoustique environnementale
AME-UMRAE Environmental acoustic measurement with smartphones: from data quality assessment to production of relevant noise maps PICAUT Judicaël Acoustique
COSYS-LEPSIS Visual discomfort model based on image processing. Application to urban diagnosis VILLA Céline traitement d’images
COSYS-LISIS / COSYS-LICIT Simulation-based strategies coupling sensors and physical models for the monitoring of the air quality at the district scale - Experimental Validation in the Equipment « Sense-City » WAEYTENS Julien / LEJRI Delphine Sciences pour l'Ingénieur, Qualité de l'Air, Mécanique
GERS-EE Transport and retention of fluorinated pollutants in soils: small scale experiments, magnetic resonance imaging and computer simulations COURTIER-MURIAS Denis Transport en milieu poreux
GERS-EE Impact of physicochemical heterogeneities on the transport and retention of nanoparticles in soils PEYNEAU Pierre-Emmanuel Hydrodynamique physico-chimique, transport réactif en milieu poreux
GERS-RRO / GERS-RRO Assessment of grouted rockbolt behaviour in a context of climate change FARGIER Yannick / BOST Marion Mécanique des sols & des roches
GERS-SRO Assessment of co- and post-seismic displacements of existing landslides through numerical modeling and simplified methods BOURDEAU Céline Risques naturels
GERS-SRO Dikes Vulnerability to climate change. Effect of soil reinforcement technique. LE KOUBY Alain Géotechnique, durabilité des ouvrages
GERS-SRO / GERS-NAVIER / GERS-EE Risks on geotechnical structures induced by geomaterials alteration: a Thermo- Hydro-Mechanical and Geochemical (THM+geoC) approach DUC Myriam / POUYA Ahmad / BECHET Béatrice transport réactif et modélisation numérique THM